Wako City, Saitama Prefecture House of a family of 7

Considering the thermal environment
埼玉県和光市 7人家族の家

We have secured two parking lots on the site of 28 tsubo and the house where seven family members live is in Wako City, Saitama Prefecture, which is the same as us. Each private room does not have much room due to the site conditions, but we planned a large living room (22 tatami mats) on the 2nd floor. In response to the desire to make the house cool in summer and warm in winter, we asked Kosagi Komuten, a member of Fas’s house, who was once taken care of by “a house where children can play around vigorously”. Not only was it possible to create a comfortable environment within a limited budget, but we were particular about natural materials and imported sashes from the United States. I am trying to make an original kitchen.

構造 Wooden 3 stories
延べ床面積 124㎡(37.51坪)
敷地面積 94㎡
Appearance Northeast side (The outer wall is two colors of silver black and silver of small waves of galvalume steel plate)
Exterior Northeastern evening view (The space in front is the tsubo garden (outside))
Exterior southeast side
Exterior east side
2nd floor living room, kitchen area (floor is solid paulownia flooring)
2nd floor study corner
2nd floor living room, kitchen area (custom-made kitchen)
Children's room (this top light is also imported)
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