─Our work aired on TV Tokyo “The Art of Living in a House”

─Published in Idea life”Man’s Hidden house” .

─AERA “Creating a Floor Plan for the prevention of social withdrawal” works published.

─Published in “Monthly Housing”


─ Published in Contemporary Japanese Architecture vol.2 (Art Box)


─ Interview article posted in WOMAN x WOMAN, Remodeling Industry Newspaper

─ Interview article published in Wako news paper “Women of Wako”

 ─ Writing a new house storage perfect house “Let’s get an idea and become a storage master!”

 ─ TBS Hanamaru Market (Friday) aired at Fujiyoshi Homes

 ─ TV Asahi “Visit to the building of Atsushi Watanabe” aired our work

─ President Family “Happy living together” works published.

─ New House Mook No.129 Writing a convenient encyclopedia for building a house for the first time, “Let’s become a storage master with ideas!”

 ─ Selected for a design competition that proposes a “work-life balanced space” sponsored by Herman Miller

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