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Flexible architectural space,
Cozy and beautiful design

In Italy, there is a deep-rooted culture of finding value in old buildings, no matter how old they are, while continuing to maintain them with care.
Although the latest equipment and functions are convenient, we think that creating spaces with flexibly, in order to accommodate people's lives, is the key to great architecture that will be loved for a long time to come.

After the great earthquake in north-east Japan, we collaborated with architects from overseas to survey the extent of damage and carry out reconstruction activities. We realized once again that in this era, when anything can happen at any time, flexible architecture that can respond to changing times is required.

Yonemura Architects Studio aims for "sustainable architecture”. We aim to create architectural spaces that are close to our clients' lives and can flexibly respond to changing times, pursuing designs that are cozy and beautiful in every age.

Fumiko Yonemura


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    持続的な建築設計/Sustainable architectural design
    Sustainable architectural design

    Based on the knowledge and experience gained from studying architecture and living in Italy, where the culture of using buildings for a long time while maintaining their asset value through appropriate maintenance and renovation is deeply rooted, we design sustainable buildings that can respond to various changes with the times.

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    対話を通じた提案力/Ability to make proposals through polite and thorough discussions with our clients
    Ability to make proposals through polite and thorough discussions with our clients

    Our motto is "architecture that is close to people.”
    Through polite and thorough discussions with our clients, we make the most appropriate proposals in line with their lifestyles while allowing them to enjoy the various steps in the process of creating architecture.

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    要望を具現化する設計力/Design capabilities to fulfill your requests
    Design capabilities to fulfill your requests

    Through detailed and thorough communication with our clients, we are able to fully understand what kind of space is best for them, what kind of space they truly desire, while taking their ideals into consideration to create a space in which they can truly enjoy throughout their lives.

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    人脈を生かしたイタリアからの建材輸入/Importing architecture materials from Italy through our connections
    Importing architecture materials from Italy through our connections

    Thanks to the connections Architect Yonemura has made and continues to develop in Italy, we are able to import high quality Italian furniture, household goods, curtains, building materials, etc. at low prices.


米村 ふみ子/Fumiko Yonemura


Company Name Yonemura architects studio,Inc.
Representative Fumiko Yonemura
Telephone 080-3200-2323
  • Architectural design
  • Renovation design, Import of Europe furniture, household goods,
    Architectural material, etc.
  • Planning, design and construction supervision of business and commercial
    facilities, etc.
license First-class architect, registered with the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, registration No.273425
State Architect of the Italian Republic,registration No.000632
Architectural Design Firm Registration No. First-class architect's office registered with the Governor of Miyagi Prefecture
No. 12Y10234
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