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Creating flexible spaces that are close to people.

About us

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Beautiful design that doesn’t leave
Yonemura architects studio,Inc., Architect. Fumiko Yonemura studied architecture in Japan and Milan, Italy.
The knowledge and experience she gained living and working there has guided her practice designing architecture ever since.
We at Yonemura architects studio,Inc. are pursuing sustainable spaces that are always flexible and can be used to accommodate people's lives.
Our creations are created and designed with a great deal of attention and care.
We propose the space that the client truly desires and the best way to build it.
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  • Q.

    Can I order a design for a small house?


    Yes!Small houses are our specialty. We plan and propose without being bound by ready-made concepts. For example, cliffs and small sites, etc. are one of the conditions that make us want to put our skills to work.

  • Q.

    How much does a house cost per 3.3 ㎡?


    Generally speaking, if you want to ensure the minimum "quality" of a house, you should expect to pay an estimate of JPY600,000 per 3.3㎡. However, the cost of air conditioning, exterior construction, lighting, etc. may or may not be included. There is a danger in making a blanket judgment that "that building was built for JPY500,000 per 3.3㎡. It is impossible to get an accurate price without a precise architect’s drawing and estimate.

  • Q.

    Aren’t architects expensive to order ?(1: design fee )


    The design fee will cost about 15%, but the construction cost will be much lower. We will explore every possible way to reduce costs. We also negotiate with construction companies. That way you get an excellent value for your investment.

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Architect Fumiko Yonemura accepts consultations on house building.
Online Consultations Available
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    Meetings via video call

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    Sharing video materials such as 3D videos

As a countermeasure against new coronavirus infectious diseases, we also accept online consultations using video calls. If you have an internet environment, you can also share video materials by video.
If you would like to have an online consultation, please fill in the “Consultation Content” on the inquiry form.

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